• Mar.
    Released NebulaGraph Database 2.0 GA
  • Jan.
    Acquired the certification of CMMI3
  • Dec.
    Acquired the certifications of ISO27001 and ISO9001
  • Dec.
    Completed the Series Pre-A+ funding of $10 million
  • June.
    Completed the Series Pre-A funding of $8 million led by Redpoint Ventures
  • June.
    Released NebulaGraph Database 1.0 GA
  • Apr.
    Released RC4
  • Feb.
    Released RC3
  • Jan.
    Started the DBaaS project
  • Dec.
    Put the first business scenario into production
  • Dec.
    Released RC2
  • Nov.
    Released RC1
  • Aug.
    Released the beta version
  • July.
    Shared NebulaGraph Database in HBaseConAsia 2019
  • June.
    Initiated the first meetup
  • May.
    Open-sourced NebulaGraph Database on GitHub and release alpha version
  • Mar.
    Completed the $3 million angel financing led by Jingwei Investment
  • Oct.
    Vesoft Inc. was founded